Councilman is indicted for the murder of Jefferson Pureza in Edealina (GO)
  • 10.04
  • 2018
  • 15:00
  • Rafael Oliveira

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Councilman is indicted for the murder of Jefferson Pureza in Edealina (GO)

The Civil Police concluded on April 4, 2018 the investigation into the murder of broadcaster Jefferson Pureza. Councilman José Eduardo Alves da Silva was appointed as the mastermind of the crime and was charged with qualified homicide. Marcelo Rodrigues dos Santos and Leandro Cintra da Silva, appointed of being intermediaries of the killing, will also be prosecuted for their involvement in the crime. Also, three teenagers were indicted. The six accused are arrested or detained.

Councilman José Eduardo paid 2,000 reais to two 17-year-old teenagers to kill Pureza. Rodrigues dos Santos, Cintra da Silva, and a third teenager were accused of planning the execution. The radio host was killed with three shots on the night of January 17, 2018. 

In early February, when the Civil Police arrested the suspects, chief Queops Barreto, responsible for the case, said the crime was “a mix of political and passionate motivation.” The repeated criticism that the radio broadcaster made to the municipal management and the councilmen added to a relationship between Pureza and Alves da Silva's ex-wife motivated the politician to order the murder.

In January 2017, Pureza stated on his radio show that the councilman had planned his death. Queops Barreto confirmed the information. According to him, however, the intention did not materialize at the time. With the discovery of the relationship between the broadcaster and his ex-wife, Alves da Silva decided to go ahead with his plans.

Pureza worked on Beira Rio FM radio, presenting the show “A Voz do Povo.” The radio station had been the target of attacks more than once. In the most recent, in November 2017, it burnet to ashes. 

(*) Written with information from O Popular, G1, O Hoje, and Jornal Opção.

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